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Things to know about WordPress

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Things to know about WordPress

WordPress is the most popular and world-known platform for building websites for almost two decades. Many businesses who want online recognition is turning towards WordPress Design Company India to create a robust platform for their firm. You can do so much with this open-source CMS. There are many things that you can learn in WordPress that you might have no idea of.

1. Use plugins carefully

Plugins are an extra set of codes that are implemented on the WordPress site. It is a software add on that adds features or functions to your site. Currently, there are more than 49,000 plugins in the WordPress directory. It is essential for any WordPress website.

One important thing that you should keep in before installing the plugin is that more the plugins you install, it will cause more problems.

One of these problems includes page speed problems and incompatibility with other plugins problems. With more plugin, a more extra code will be implemented which will increase the load time of the web page.

2. Use Premium or paid theme

Other then pre-build templates, there are also many plugins available to add various functions in your site and give it a new life. There is a free and paid version of both theme and plugin is available in the WordPress directory. If you are tech-savvy, you can easily design a website on this CMS by which you can also save money.

Selecting a theme is an important part of designing w website. It involves careful consideration of the theme. You should go for the paid theme because free themes have limited functions and also are prone to cyber-attacks. You should go for a quality theme which is affordable and user-friendly.

When choosing a theme, keep these points in mind-

• Responsive – for mobile viewing

• Theme Options – for easy customising

• Custom Posts – structured for specific needs

A WordPress theme changes the design and layout of your website. Changing it means changing how your site looks on the front-end to the visitors. WordPress theme development by website designing company in Faridabad involves using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build a custom WordPress theme from scratch.

3. Short and meaningful permalinks

Permalinks are permanent links to particular web page or entry in a blog. It is the link that you see on the search bar of the page. For better SEO ranking keep permalinks short and keyword specific. It helps search engine to find, rank and understand your content more easily.

4. Child Theme

It inherits the functionality and styling of another theme called parent theme. It is usually created to modify the existing theme and house the CSS file (Cascading Style Sheets). It protects the customizations done in CSS from being overwritten when the theme is updated. But creating a Child Theme just for the CSS is a waste of time.

5. WordPress is for beginner

It is a misconception in the mind of people. You will need some technical knowledge to use WordPress. It is just easier than other platforms to create a simple website.

6. It is not just for blogging

In 2003, WordPress was introduced as a blogging platform. But over time, developers realised you could do more with it than just blogging. Now you can find many business sites, eCommerce stores, membership, portfolio websites and more built on this CMS platform.

7. Easy to manage

In terms of maintenance from clients and developers view, WordPress sites are quite easy to manage. It has a huge community which offers support online, any issue faced by you have already been solved by many. You can look up and get answers to your queries.

8. SEO Friendly

Another major advantage of choosing WordPress as the platform for your site is – search engine friendly. It means your website can be ranked on search engines and your potential customers can find your site. It contains clean code which is easy for Google to index. Further, as compared to other technologies this CMS is secure from malware attacks; also you can install a security plugin to make your website safer.

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